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What is Functional Nutrition?


Functional nutrition is science-based and client centered. When approached holistically and applied personalized to the individual, functional nutrition assists in the body's own healing processes. Many people dealing with weight gain, brain and mood problems, or  fatigue are often suffering with autoimmune issues that began to manifest years or decades before their current symptoms or diagnosis.

Yet our health system often relies on costly disease management strategies before exploring the potential of disease reversal. Most patients with chronic conditions are encouraged to follow costly, often lifelong medication regimens and hope for some degree of symptom relief. Rather than being  prescribed an inhaler when you are diagnosed with asthma we should be asking “Why did I develop asthma?” or “What do I do to reduce my need for the medication?”

Let’s uncover the 'root' cause of your symptoms; LivingMatrix™ is a powerful online tool that enables you to easily document the underlying conditions that lead to poor health.  The powerful tools provided in LivingMatrix gives you​ and your practitioner the “Big Picture” so you can take the necessary steps to build back your health. 

Each of us has a unique history that holds the clues that can contribute to creating a personalized plan to get you back to the health you deserve.​