Welcome to the Total Body
Clean Up Challenge

This is going to be great! You are going to look better, feel better and have a chance to win some awesome prizes at the end of 35 days. 

This e-book is chock full of nutrition info, recipes, tips and tricks to get you set up with everything you need to ditch your unhealthy ways in only 35 days! Try not to read the whole ebook at once, it can be overwhelming. Start by just reading week one and focusing on that. The purpose of our 5 week challenge is to build on small habits that will make a huge difference. 

This is a nutritional challenge, but make sure you are getting in some sweat sessions too to ensure maximum results! 

Here’s to changing your ways in 35 days! You can do this! 


What is the 35 Day “Total Body Clean Up” Challenge? 

The purpose of this challenge is to challenge ourselves to ditch some unhealthy nutrition habits to kickstart a healthier, more great lifestyle (and to keep you on track for great fitness results!)

The challenge is divided up
into 5 weekly goals

Habit #1 - Drink only zero calorie beverages

(Day 1-7) 

Habit #2 - Add a green smoothie or raw veggies

(Day 8-14) 

Habit #3 – Swap the white stuff

(Day 15-21) 

Habit #4 – Ditch the Dairy

(Day 22-28) 

Habit #5 - Eat the Colors of the Rainbow

(Day 29-35) 

We’re not expecting you to give these things up forever, just give us a month and you be the judge as to how fantastic you look and feel! 

Each week builds on the previous weeks’ habits - so yes, we are asking you to ditch the alcohol for 35 days - But you’ll have awesome support and it will be fun! 


35 Day “Total Body Clean Up” Challenge Rules

The rules are simple: 

  1. Read your "Total Body Clean Up" e-book for your 5 weekly
    nutrition habits.

  2. Each week will be a different nutrition challenge to help you cut calories, detox and add nutrients to your daily diet. 

  3. Log your habit completion daily on your "Healthy Habits" tracker. 

  4. If you have consistently completed your healthy habits, (which means 90% of the time - see “Healthy Habits'' tracker for more deets!), then you have successfully completed the Total Body Clean Up Challenge! 

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