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Innovative Nutrition helps clients build a healthier relationship with food through testing, education, and personalized meal plans. Whatever the need, our team will focus on our clients as individuals and will carefully craft personalized nutrition plans for them. Our company is led by founder Julia Callaghan who works with clients across the Carolinas and the country to help them achieve their positive nutrition goals.

Whether it is weight loss or weight management, managing a dietary condition, or developing a healthy relationship with food, Innovative Nutrition offers a variety of services and packages designed to meet your needs.

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About Julia:

Julia is a Functional Nutritionist who takes a biology systems-based approach that engages the patient and participatory care and searches for the root cause of underlying issues. Julia graduated cum laude from Winthrop University with a degree in Human Nutrition before settling in Charlotte NC and balancing being a wife and mom of three.

​Credentials and Experience

Julia is a Certified Leap Therapist (CLT) which entails advanced clinical training in managing adverse food reactions with an emphasis on food sensitivities. CLTs apply that knowledge by using the LEAP protocol – an evidence-based and highly effective eating plan for food sensitivity-related health problems. LEAP utilizes the patented Mediator Release blood Test (MRT) to help uncover food and chemical sensitivities, not IgE allergies or IgG immune responses.

Julia furthered her education by completing the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP)® with the Institute of Functional medicine. AFMCP integrates the latest medical research with a model of care that accounts for each patient’s individual history, unique genetic makeup, and environmental and lifestyle factors. Many chronic diseases occur when fundamental lifestyle factors like diet, movement, rest, and/or sleep are lacking or mismatch with a patient’s genetic makeup. AFMCP allows Julia to design effective, personalized treatments for every client.

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Julia is very knowledgeable and compassionate. I saw her to learn how to lower my cholesterol numbers without taking medication. If you are interested in taking care of your health without taking a bunch of pills, she is your person. Just schedule a consultation and see how she can help.

Debbi Michael

I've worked with Julia for several months. She is very knowledgeable and explains this world of nutrition, supplements and food simply. Looking forward to retesting and seeing postive results under her guidance

Diane Hook

Regardless of your nutritional needs, Innovative Nutrition NC is the right place for you! Whether your needs are weight loss related, diagnosis driven, or you just want to take control of your health, Julia Callaghan is the answer you’ve been searching for. I’ve worked personally with Julia for over 6 months and can say she goes above and beyond in her nutritional knowledge. She has a true passion for what she does and it shows in her work. One of my favorite things about her? If she doesn’t know something, she’ll be honest with you about it and either find answers through research or personal connections with physicians in various fields. I came to Julia with multiple undiagnosed health concerns, many outside the realm of nutrition. Her holistic approach to health has helped me connect more dots in my diagnosis than all 10 of my other doctors combined. She uses resources that are invaluable to gaining an accurate picture of your health as a whole and how it is impacting your life. 

Megan N

Before working with Julia, I was experiencing stomach pain and IBS symptoms after eating certain vegetables and other foods. The pain was severe and I had to go to a bathroom immediately, which was embarrassing in social events. Ever since, I have been able to consume some of the irritants without any pain or diarrhea. I actually was shocked at what "being regular & not in an emergency" felt like. Although, not my primary goal, weight loss came naturally and has not returned. And my food preferences have become healthier too!

Anni Burgess

I am so Thankful for Julia. The past 7 months I have been struggling with my 8 year old, his mental well-being has been suffering and his behavior has been off since May. I have taken him to several different doctors, and All said he was fine, and said his behavior was more about discipline and not a medical issue. As his Mom I knew he wasn’t well, watching him get worse and worse with no answers were heartbreaking. Thank Goodness for Julia. After speaking with her, she referred us to a Specialist. Thank Goodness for Julia, she listen to me, and she didn’t judge me. Her referral has changed our lives. My son new doctor ran blood tests and found out he has MRSA in his nose and Streptococcus in his bloodstream. If it wasn’t for Julia my sons health would be worse. Julia is Incredible, I can’t Thank her enough.

J Jag

Julia is excellent! She’s thorough, knowledgable and personalizes all of her services to each client and their needs. You’ll feel amazing after working with her!

Lindsey Coen

Julia is great to work with. She not only provides individualized plan, but provides the rationale behind your nutrition goals. Seeing the results

Larry Geis

I started working with Julia a little over a year ago and she has absolutely transformed my life! When I first came to her I felt so lost with no hope and first time talking with her I instantly could tell she knew exactly what to do! I have such an amazing relationship with food & health thanks to Julia!

Brittney Neshat

Cannot get better than Julia! She is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of nutrition; I have learned so much from her in just a few sessions! Julia has helped me connect the dots to chronic health issues, so I am very thankful for her expertise. I appreciate Julia’s kind and relatable approach and she is easy to converse with as well. Also a great communicator and makes herself available outside of appointments for any questions you may have in between.

Samantha Calder

Julia listened to my concerns and made me feel like I was in control of my health again. Julia is an excellent communicator and won’t stop until her client’s needs are met. I live in Denver, Colorado and somehow the distance has never affected the effectiveness and professionalism of her practice. She even helped me find a specialist in my area that could help connect the dots on a diagnosis. I was spinning my wheels for months looking for answers and I truly have no idea where I’d be without Julia. She has absolutely changed my life and my perspective on health and nutrition as a whole. I recommend her to everyone. Julia’s approach is client-centered, meaning she will work towards your needs, in your time, in a way that works for you. Because of this, she has a wide array of traditional and alternative approaches to any problem you might be facing, if not I guarantee she’ll find one.

Anni Burgess

Enjoyed my experience at Innovative Nutrition- Julia is a delight to work with! She was kind, attentive, and deeply interested in helping me try to figure out the issues I was dealing with- I’m thankful I found her!

Ann Kite

I highly recommend meeting up with Julia! I had a great experience and has helped me with my nutrition goals. The in body scale report of my body was really helpful for me to continue on this healthy nutritional journey. Thank you!!!

Nancy Duran

I’ve been a client at innovative nutrition, thanks to the guidance I’ve received I’ve really turned my lifestyle around , making healthy decisions and feeling great !

Adam Gershuny