Our services are tailored to each client. Take some time to review the services offerred and feel free to reach out with any questions.


Innovative Nutrition invests time listening and considering  genetic, environmental, and lifestyle contributions that influence your current state of health. More importantly,  we help you envision what wellness looks like for you. The next step is to develop a personalized nutrition plan to optimize your health and provide the tools and assistance to set yourself up for continued success.

Our personalized treatment plans may include genetic testing, food allergy and/or food sensitivity testing, meal planning, blood work, goal setting, supplement recommendations or other modalities to assist you in achieving your goals. Learn more about our services below or call for a complimentary consultation!

InBody Body Composition Scan

Easy and non-invasive test to accurately track fat loss and muscle gain in less than 60 seconds.

Precisely track your progress over time by providing a full-page report at each test or easily store your results in the online portal. 

$25 per scan

Metabolic Detox

Gentle but effective 15-day metabolic cleanse designed to support and recharge your metabolism. Although the liver naturally clears toxins from the body, our exponentially increasing exposure to pesticides, herbicides, and environmental toxins makes it difficult for the liver to keep up.


The Metabolic Detox supplies optimal nutrients to support your body's detoxification pathways to get you feeling great again. 

3 Month Preferred Membership

Initial Consultation with Review of Body Systems

6 bi-weekly visits

3 Body Composition Scans

Supplement Recommendations (as needed) 

10% Discount on Supplements

10% Discount on Lab Testing

$247/ month

3 Month VIP Membership

Initial Consultation with Review of Body Systems

12 weekly visits

6 Body Composition Scans

Supplement Recommendations (as needed)

15% Discount on Supplements

15% Discount on Lab Testing

$297/ month 

6 Month Preferred Membership

Initial Consultation with Review of Body Systems

12 bi-weekly visits

6 Body Composition Scans

Individualized Supplement Protocol

Comprehensive Meal Plan

Deep Dive into Complex Health Concerns

15% Discount on Supplements

15% Discount on Lab Testing


6 Month VIP Membership

Initial Consultation with Review of Body Systems

24 weekly visits

12 Body Composition Scans

Individualized Supplement Protocol

Comprehensive Meal Plan

Deep Dive into Complex Health Concerns

20% Discount on Supplements

20% Discount on Lab Testing


Mediated Release Food Sensitivity Test

MRT is the foundation of fully addressing food sensitivities and achieving the maximum outcomes in the shortest period of time. Testing 170 foods and food chemicals not only does MRT give insight into inflammation provoking foods and food-chemicals, but more importantly MRT identifies your patient’s BEST foods – the foods that form the basis of their LEAP Eating Plan.

Simply put, MRT gives you information you can’t get any other way, and that information directly translates into targeted therapy that matters.

SpectraCell Micronutrient Testing

SpectraCell’s Micronutrient test measures 31 vitamins, minerals, amino/fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites. Identifying micronutrient deficiencies not only slows disease progression, it may also prevent or repair disease.

3 x 4 Genetic Testing

Most people are making health decisions based on generalized recommendations without ever truly understanding their body. Your health is too important for a one-size fits all approach. Understanding our individual genetic blueprint can guide us to make health choices that help us to live happier, longer, and better.

The Comprehensive Wellness Panel

Hemoglobin A1c + Uric Acid, + Phosphorus + Magnesium, Serum + LDH + GGT + Iron & TIBC + Ferritin + C-Reactive Protein, hs + Homocysteine + Thyroid Profile II, Free T3, Reverse T3 + Free T4 + TPO Ab + Thyroglobulin Ab + Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy + Fibrinogen Activity + CMP (14) + Lipid Panel w/ Total Cholesterol + HNK1 (CD57) Profile + CBC w/ Diff + Urinalysis Complete

Vitamin D Test

The Vitamin D Test measures the amount of this important nutrient in your blood.

Vitamin D, like all nutrients, is essential for life. Our bodies need it from our environment (sunlight and food in this case) to function. It also plays an important role in building and maintaining strong bones. But that’s not all. Every cell in our body has receptors for vitamin D, meaning it can affect virtually everything that happens inside our cells. Research shows that people with higher blood levels of vitamin D live better for longer, with immune and cardiovascular systems that function better.

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Body Composition Analysis

The InBody body composition analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. With this new technology InBody can measure the "dangerous" fat that lies around the internal organs. Total body water data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water, which is important for understanding a user’s fluid distribution in medical, wellness and fitness contexts. Fluid distribution can be an important marker of inflammation or other underlying illness.

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Food Sensitivity Testing

MRT uses a patented technology to measure subtle volumetric changes in white blood cells. Food-induced inflammatory reactions involve mediator release, which is the single most important event leading to all the negative effects food sensitivity patients suffer.  MRT is able to identify more relevant inflammatory reactions than any other test or method,  volumetric changes after food are quantified and reported as either "Non Reactive, Moderately Reactive, or Reactive"  which allow us to form the basis for the LEAP Eating Plan.

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Reclaim Your Health

While most programs focus on weight loss and exercise, we understand that in order to allow the whole body to function at its optimal state, we need to address factors like mindset, hormone health, sleep and gut health. This scientifically- backed program is based on what we've identified as the Five Pillars of Health- detox, nutrition, movement, mindset and restoration- and is designed to work with the patient's unique needs and personal biological markers to create a plan that actually delivers results.