Do you ever question whether or not the snack or meal you’ve prepared is the appropriate size?

It’s easy to make a mistake while estimating a meal’s worth of food.

How much food am I supposed to consume?
Should I stick to the recommended portions?
If I want to know if I require more than the “average” individual, how do I tell?

These are only a sampling of the inquiries I receive from clients on a daily basis.

It’s important to get the optimum number of nutrients from your diet so that your body can function normally.

If you want to feel your best every day and reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases and other health problems, you need to learn how much food your body needs on a daily basis.

So that you can feel good about how you’re sustaining yourself and not worry that you’re overeating or undereating, this article will teach you everything you need to know about appropriate portion sizes.
Comparing Serving Sizes

The first step is to learn the distinction between portions and servings.

There is a difference between portion sizes and serving sizes, despite the fact that both terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

Most people can grasp the concept of portion sizes. Nutrition facts labels on packaged foods typically include serving amounts as recommended.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) assigns exact, standardized, and quantifiable serving sizes based on generic, recommended standards for what the average person eats.

However, portion sizes depend on factors such as what you eat and how much you eat. There is no universally accepted serving size. The amount of food that you put on your plate after deciding to eat something is the portion size.

Humans eat for sustenance. On some days, we’ll use very little fuel, while on others, we might use a lot. If you’re out and about all day, whether hiking, running, or working in the yard, you’ll burn more calories and need more fuel than if you’re staying inside all day watching TV.

The importance of health and wellness objectives cannot be overstated. Do you wish to increase your muscule mass? Perhaps you’re at a healthy weight and want to keep it that way; this will also factor into your sizing decisions.

Keep in mind that your daily activities and objectives will have an impact on your energy needs. If you want more personalized recommendations to meet your nutritional needs you can reach out to Innovative Nutrition NC at (704) 577-8066.