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Differences between body fat and muscle between men and women equate to different caloric burn. (i.e., A man who has less body fat and more muscle than a woman of the same age/weight/height would likely have a higher resting metabolic rate.)


As you age, your metabolic rate and muscle composition gradually decrease, suppressing overall calorie needs.

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Body Composition

Men and women who are larger in size (specifically, taller or larger frame) or have more muscle (or lower body fat percentage), tend to burn more calories, even at rest. For an accurate body composition measurement with the Inbody 570 call (704) 577-8066

Muscle Mass

The greater a person’s muscle mass, the more calories are burned. The amount of muscle a person has is directly associated with the overall metabolic rate as muscle significantly increases the number of calories a person utilizes at rest.

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Physical Activity

Exercise and physical activity require energy and are an important constituent in determining total daily caloric needs in individuals.


Calories (energy) are required to complete innate processes including digestion, absorption, transportation, and storage of the protein, carbohydrates, and fat from the food/beverages you consume.

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